Caring for our elderly


Too often, our elderly, our grandmas and grandpas, fathers and mothers, end up in nursing homes. Is that really an ideal situation? In some cultures, it’s common and perfectly acceptable to have your parents or grandparents living with you in their old age. I understand, this may not be possible in some situations. How can we find a happy medium?

People with alzheimer’s and dementia are especially difficult to care for. There’s a so-called “dementia village”, in which caretakers dress up and act as neighbors and mail carriers, for example, to watch after those whose dementia has overtaken them. I consider this an incredibly humane solution.

What if this isn’t possible? What if it’s not desirable, for perfectly able-minded people. Maybe the elderly individual or couple could live in their home with a family-approved caretaker. However, finding a caretaker you trust, first and foremost, is a hard problem. If you did it yourself, it would be an extremely painful and time-consuming process. What if there were a system to help you find the most trustworthy and able caregivers in your area, for your budget?

I truly believe there’s a more humane solution to this problem. What do you think? How would you solve the problem of caring for our elderly, our family?